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Short Bio:

James Fernando is a pianist and composer whose music lies at the intersection of jazz, classical, and electronic music. He relies on his genre-expanding original compositions to deliver thought provoking and exciting performances. The Berklee College of Music graduate released his debut album Extended Layover in 2018 as a collaboration with Mingjia Chen and released his first album as a solo artist, The Lonely Sailor, in 2019.

Long Bio:

Pianist and composer James Fernando has been hailed by Jazz Sensibilities as “limitless in his ability to articulate his ideas,” by Textura magazine as having “seemingly effortless command of the piano,” and by author Grady Harp for creating music that “makes the world more beautiful.”

Among James’ many performance and compositional accolades are awards from Downbeat Magazine, the National Young Arts Foundation, and first prize at the 9th West Virginia International Piano Competition. He was also selected for the prestigious Jazz Band of America and the Berklee Summer Jazz Workshop. James studied at Berklee College of Music on scholarship, where he graduated summa cum laude after only three years. In 2017, he participated in the historic Banff International Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music. 

James has performed at venues and festivals across the USA and Canada as a solo artist and as a sideman. A few of the notable artists and ensembles he has worked with are Chris Cheek, The Mark Zaleski Band, and The Either/Orchestra. In 2018, James collaborated with Toronto-based vocalist and composer Mingjia to release his debut album, Extended Layover. In 2019, James released his first album as a solo artist, The Lonely Sailor, to widespread critical acclaim.

In addition to being a highly sought after pianist and composer, James is a talented educator and has worked with students across the USA. He is currently on Jazz Piano faculty at Levine Music in Washington, D.C.


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